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It all started with a child being born in 2015, the name TwentyFifteen that is. Our founder Matthew’s first child has been the inspiration behind much of what we do and how we do what we do as graphic designers.
At TwentyFifteen, we work hard but do not life too seriously. Great ideas and creativity cannot develop together if life is taken too seriously. That is why we are one of the most chilled teams of creative fundis you will ever find, delivering beyond expectation each and every time and going the extra mile to put a smile on your face.
Our highly experienced creative team sees the world in pictures, pixels and paint, bringing colour, texture and energy to every project they work on. Always working face to face in a comfortable, relaxed and professional manner with big happy smiles, the team at TwentyFifteen takes the same approach to every client no matter how teeny, tiny or tall they may be. We love what we do, it shows in on our faces and in work, ensuring you get results that work.
At TwentyFifteen our pens, pencils, palettes, pastels and pixels work together to produce great logo designs, brilliant branding, picture perfect product-packaging designs, vanfastic vehicle graphics (give us a break! we work with pictures not words!), fabulous flyers and a gazillion other things that any business needs designed.
Just because we have fun it does not mean are not professional. Graphic design needs to be fun yet balanced with integrity, honesty and a get-the-job-done attitude. TwentyFifteen is just that, our enjoyment grows our passion, our passion keeps us professional, and being professional ensures you get the best graphic design service possible.
If you take your business seriously but know happiness is the key to success choose a graphic design company that thinks, acts and delivers in the same way.

Meet the team

Logo Design

Trapped inside an old logo? Need a logo that shouts “Hello!” from your new business?
A good logo doesn’t happen by chance and at TwentyFifteen we don’t take any chances. Our crafty and creative team of designers, that think so far out of the box that the box is now being recycled on a farm in Norway, will create a Logo that liberates your brand creating awareness that drives success.

Marketing Material

Some say… our designers learnt their trade at Hogwarts. Some say… all our designers are secret members of the magic circle. All we know is that our designers produce magic every time they are asked to design some marketing material.
With our magical designs and dare-to-be-different concepts and ideas with TwentyFifteen your business cards and brochures will cast a spell on your customers. We will open the eyes of your customers in disbelief as we wrap and brand everything from vehicles to buildings creating an illusion making your brand irresistible. If you want Magical Marketing Material, you don’t need a wand… just giveTwentyFifteen a shout.

Packaging Design.

At TwentyFifteen, life is too short to be taken seriously but when it comes to Packaging Design we strive for perfection. We don’t do dull and we love to stand out from the crowd and our love of design shows in the packaging concepts and finished products we develop and produce. With perfect packaging design our creative team work closely with you, sneak into your competitors territory and help produce designs that leap off the shelf and into the hands of your customers.
At TwentyFifteen we can only show you so much on our website, so why not get in touch with us today to find out more. Fill out the form below or better still give us a call and we can discuss all of your needs and take it from there!
At TwentyFifteen we bring your graphic design requirements to life, help your business succeed and have plenty of fun in doing so.

Graphic Designer


John is our wannabe office joker and always has a smile on his face, he doesn’t know we laugh at him more than with him with his jokes.
John has 5 years experience is graphic design and joined out team 1 year and has already helped many of our clients old and new
Customer Service


Chloe is normally one of the first people you’d speak to when giving us a call, she’s our head customer service advisor and deals with everything from client questions to organising our appointments etc.
Owner / Designer


Matthew is THE BOSS! and also a graphic designer. Starting the business Matthew has FUN as our team motto. A keen coffee drinker he’s never seen without a cup as he claims it helps him be creative.


Sarah is our second boss (as she’s married to Matthew). Sarah helps with the accounts making sure we’re not spending to much money or that Matthew is not wasting it on coffee.
Graphic Designer


Rebecca is a fun out going person and fits right in with us crazy bunch. She has a big passion for branding and never leaves the project until 100% happy

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